A very special webinar is scheduled! 

A 2-day international Webinar (English language) with Ewald Stöteler

All our refresher courses (Webinars) focus on the 6th edition of the Organon and the book Chronic Diseases. Both of these reference works bequeathed to us by Samuel Hahnemann form the scientific guide!

Ewald Stöteler is pre-eminently the person who can present Hahnemann’s knowledge clearly and unambiguously to all our colleagues, with regard to all topics and, in this weekend, with regard to the central themes.

The topics focused on in this Webinar are;

  • Organ Remedies: specially Ovary, Uterus, Testicle, Brain
  • Biographical Nosodes & miasmatic background (Nosodes)
  • Bowel nosodes

Organ remedies
Are used when there are problems on organ function problems. Organ remedies have a place in prescribing according to Hahnemann’s disease classification (6th edition of the Organon)

As homeopaths, we know exactly which indications we can prescribe for.  Organ remedies are more and more a common thread in our prescribing these days. After all, regular medication is a downright burden on many organs.

Biographical Nosodes & miasmata
The use of a biographical nosode is a new development in homeopathy. Nevertheless, we will all recognise the indications.  What is also special about this webinar is that the underlying miasmata load the sensitivity and thus need for biographical nosodes, is clearly explained, so that we can apply it directly in our daily practice.

Bowel nosodes
Bowelnosodes are a specific group of agents that we prescribe each on their own specificity.

Following Hahnemann from the disease classification he described (6th edition), Ewald Stöteler will practically fine-tune the whole thing in this Webinar.

The entire webinar is supported with powerpoints, images and case studies.

Date: 21th & 22th January 2023
9.00-16.00h (European time)