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Ever since his first day as a homeopath, 35 years ago, Ewald Stöteler Stöteler (1957) has worked in exactly the same way as Samuel Hahnemann (doctor and pharmacist) has developed and recorded his philosophy. He studied Hahnemann’s publications thoroughly and translated different editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases in Dutch. It became clear that Hahnemann worked from brilliant ideas, experiences, potencies and accurate experiments and reported these processes thoroughly in the subsequent editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases.

As precisely as Hahnemann, Ewald Stöteler is able to discover the valuable and specific timeline in the development that Hahnemann went through, during the development of his classic homeopathy, finalized in the 6th edition of the Organon. Hahnemann referred to this last edition as ‘which has now, if possible, become perfect’.

Homeopathy worldwide, is based on the 4th edition of the Organon, introduced by Kent and also because of that, alienated from its roots. The 5th and especially the 6th edition have been completely ignored by the rest of the world. Ewald Stöteler fills the gap between the two extremes: the 4th and the 6th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon. That’s when it becomes clear that the principle of similarity is so much more than just choosing the right remedy. A unique book is born.

Understanding Hahnemann: a true gift, written by a man who places his love for homeopathy, his practice and his patients above everything else, and who knows that this is his purpose in life. A gift, because the synthesis of Hahnemann’s thoughts, developments and experiences become clear in Understanding Hahnemann. This book, fills a huge gap between the unique knowledge of Samuel Hahnemann and the understanding of it, in order to be able to implement homeopathy successfully in daily practice.

“This is a revolutionary and exciting book. The author’s thesis is simple, but the details are very complex: namely that Hahnemann was right in the 6th edition of his Organon and in his Chronic Diseases.”

“The book is vibrant, and it has a sharpness, coherence, appeal and focus that comes from a ‘lived experience’.”
HPATHY.COM, Vatsala Sperling (December 2020)

“It is an in-depth study of the way Hahnemann developed homeopathy and treated his patients based on both the Organon and the Chronic Diseases, written in clear and understandable English. It is the most essential book to read and use when studying the very basics of homeopathy, either as a fresh student or as an established senior professional practitioner.”
HPATHY.COM, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD (May 2021)