Ewald Stöteler

A homeopath and philosopher through and through!

Ewald StötelerWhen he was 20 years old, in September 1977, Ewald made the decision to pursue the course to become a classic homeopath. Goal orientated and deeply moved by this way of healing, he has never left the path he chose then. As a nurse he gained many clinical experiences which greatly supported him in his profession as a homeopath.

Ewald has mastered the art to apply his common knowledge, which is so important in a daily homeopathic practise, to homeopathic principles. His insights in physiological processes, his knowledge in the functioning of the human body, organs, organ systems, tissues and last but not least the processes of human consciousness, are unique. As well as his view on the complicated worldwide developments, supported by his insights and experiences in healthy and pathological processes, which is reasoned and well thought out in the miasmic theory, as discovered and described by Hahnemann.

A homeopath and philosopher through and through! A unique combination for writing this book. His almost 40 years of full time experience in a homeopathic practice, the endless studying of the Organon and the Chronic Diseases, the tutoring of many students to both our national and international colleagues and the bringing into the world of various initiatives, take us to a respectable state of being. These talents, represented in one individual, make this book that you are holding, of immeasurable wealth. You will find treasures which will lift homeopathy and its healing capacity to a higher standard.

Continuing on from the two standard works of Hahnemann, Ewald introduced in the Netherlands the use of the LM potencies, the miasmic theory, the from this resulting Contextual Materia Medica and Posology. Staying true to Hahnemann’s words ‘mach’s nach aber mach’s genau nach’, lead him to these insights. The consistent working through of Hahnemann’s philosophical book, the Organon and the practical expression of this; the Chronic Diseases, made that these steps bore fruit in Ewald’s practice and meanwhile also in the practice of many colleagues. All these experiences have led to this masterwork. A study book, a practical reference book for who has been looking for the missing link!

The courses that have meanwhile become known throughout the world, are given in the Netherlands, England, throughout Japan, Finland, Germany, on Sicily, etc; philosophy, the chronic diseases, miasmic theory, Contextual Materia Medica, Posology and special theme days on cancer, rheumatism, thyroid problems and other subjects, find their way to doctors, homeopaths, natural healers, veterinarians and other therapists. Ewald is a popular philosophical tutor at many
international courses.

My wish is that this book will be read and applied by many colleagues, so that we may continue to become better in healing the diseases that we come across. I am convinced that the diseases classification by Hahnemann, so distinctly and clearly brought to light by Ewald Stöteler, the only correct way is to treat our patients. On the corner of every street a homeopathic practice, a healthy image for our future…

Marja Roozendaal, classic homeopath
Almelo, the Netherlands

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